Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Blogger!

I'm sorry I probably should explain. My name's Brittany Grob, and I am 12. My parents started this blog 3 years ago, but hasn't updated in a while. Today, I told her this, and she's like, "OK you can take over", so I'm like, "COOL!". So the last three posts have been me figuring out how to actually use the blog, and this is one explaining the whole updating really late. :)


Jenn said...

glad to see what the Gorbs are up to. See you next week!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heather said...

Randomly thought I'd check this today, thinking, well, maybe there's something new... Thanks for taking over Brittany! Hope you keep it up!! It was GREAT to see you last month!

sono felice said...

What a great idea! Now I can stay in touch with you all a little better.